American Bumblebee


    In Context

    • According to US Fish and Wildlife Services, the American bumblebee population has decreased by 89% in the past 20 years, and it could be declared as an “endangered species”.

    Reasons for Decline

    • According to CBD, the population of American bumblebees has declined due to habitat destruction, climate change, exposure to disease & pesticides, loss of genetic diversity along competition with non-native bees.
    • As per CBD, the American bumblebee has completely vanished across eight states namely Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Idaho, Vermont, North Dakota, Wyoming and Oregon in North America. 
    • Its population has also declined by 99% in New York. 


    About American Bumblebee

    • This species is scientifically called Bombus pensylvanicus.
    • The species live and nest in open farmland & fields.
    • It feeds on food plants like sunflowers & clovers.
    • It is a threatened species of bumblebee and is native to North America. It is also found in eastern Canada, eastern United States, and Mexico.

    Source: Livescience