Exhibition Celebrating India-Denmark Friendship


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    • Recently, an exhibition featured artifacts and objects in silver from India and Denmark


    • The exhibition on India-Denmark friendship was held in New Delhi and displayed several artifacts over 250.
    • The exhibits displayed at the National Museum were inaugurated by the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark and Foreign Minister of Denmark Lars Løkke Rasmussen.
    • Exhibition is part of the India-Denmark Cultural Exchange programme signed by the Indian Prime Minister in Denmark.
    • Major items on display were broadly around 5 Themes including: Historic silver from India and the history of Danish silver designs, Silver used for religious and ritualistic purposes, Items for personal use and jewellery, Craftsmanship and technique.
      • Silver beads from 3000 BCE Mohenjo-daro displayed alongside a 1590 silver lidded tankard from Copenhagen
      • Holger Kyster’s 1910 copy of restored cover for Fredrik II’s Bible from 1589
      • Late 19th Century-early 20th Century silver Khandoba idol from Maharashtra
    • India and Denmark share a long-standing relationship that has strengthened over time, encompassing economic, political, cultural, and geopolitical ties. 
    • The two countries have been working towards deepening their partnership in various sectors, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship.
    • In this regard, the recently launched Green Strategic Partnership between the two countries will further strengthen the relationship, with green hydrogen playing an essential role in the energy transition.

    Importance of India-Denmark relationship

    • History: India and Denmark’s relationship dates back to the 17th century when the Danish East India Company established a trading post in Tranquebar, a small town on the southeast coast of India. 
      • Danish also established trading post in Serampore, West Bengal, in 1755. 
      • The two countries continued to have significant trade relations in the 19th century, and Denmark recognized India’s independence in 1947.
    • Economic Ties: India is Denmark’s second-largest trade partner in South Asia, with the two countries engaging in trade worth approximately $3 billion annually. 
      • Denmark is known for its expertise in renewable energy, maritime technology, and healthcare.
    • Political Ties: India and Denmark have maintained a friendly and cooperative relationship at the political level. 
      • Denmark has supported India’s bid for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council.
      • Two countries have collaborated on global issues such as climate change, sustainable development, and counterterrorism.
    • Cultural Ties: The two countries have a shared cultural heritage that is reflected in their historic monuments, literature, and art. 
      • Denmark has shown a keen interest in Indian culture and has established centers to promote Indian languages, art, and culture. 
      • There are several Indian cultural centers in Denmark, including the Indian Cultural Institute in Copenhagen.
    • Geopolitical Ties: India and Denmark have collaborated on several geopolitical issues, including the Arctic region, where Denmark has a significant stake. 
      • India has been keen on establishing a foothold in the Arctic and has collaborated with Denmark on Arctic research and development. 
      • The two countries have also worked together on maritime security in the Indian Ocean.

    Way ahead

    • India and Denmark’s relationship has evolved over the years, encompassing a broad range of areas. 
    • The two countries have been working towards deepening their partnership in various sectors, resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship. 
    • It is evident that the two countries share a robust and enduring relationship that will continue to grow and flourish in the coming years.

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