IFFCO Nano Urea


    In News

    • Union Home and Cooperation Minister will reach Deoghar in Jharkhand to lay the foundation stone of the IFFCO nano urea liquid fertiliser plant in Jasidih. 

    About IFFCO Nano Urea

    • IFFCO Nano Urea is the only Nano fertilizer approved by the Government of India and included in the Fertilizer Control Order (FCO).
    • It is developed and Patented by IFFCO.
    • It is a nanotechnology-based revolutionary Agri-input that provides nitrogen to plants. Nano Urea is a sustainable option for farmers towards smart agriculture and combats climate change. 
    • Nano urea is non-toxic, safe for the user; safe for flora and fauna but it is recommended to use a face mask and gloves while spraying on the crop.
    • Effectiveness: The application of 1 bottle of Nano Urea can effectively replace at least 1 bag of Urea.
    • Benefits: It helps in minimizing the environmental footprint by reducing the loss of nutrients from agriculture fields in the form of leaching and gaseous emissions which are used to cause environmental pollution and climate change.
      • It promotes clean and green technology as its industrial production is neither energy-intensive nor resource-consuming.


    • It is the development and use of techniques to study physical phenomena and develop new devices and material structures in the physical size range of 1-100 nanometres (nm), where 1 nanometre is equal to one billionth of a meter.
    • Nanotechnology impacts all areas of our lives. 
      • These include materials and manufacturing, electronics, computers, telecommunication and information technologies, medicine and health, the environment and energy storage, chemical and biological technologies and agriculture.

    Source: NewsonAir