Amrit Bharat Station Scheme


    In Context

    • Recently, 15 railway stations under the Ambala Railway Division were selected to be developed under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme.
      • The Union Ministry of Railways launched Amrit Bharat Station Scheme in December 2022 to modernize over 1,000 small stations over the coming years.

    Amrit Bharat Station Scheme

    • About:
      • The scheme envisages the development of stations on a continuous basis with a long-term vision. 
    • Aim:
      • The scheme aims at preparation of Master Plans of the Railway stations and implementation of the Master Plan in phases to enhance the facilities.
    • Key features for these proposed stations:
      • provisions for roof top plazas, 
      • longer platforms, 
      • ballastless tracks, 
      • and 5G connectivity.
    • Other Facilities Planned under this Scheme
      • Smooth access by widening of roads, properly designed signages, dedicated pedestrian pathways, well planned parking areas, improved lighting.
      • High level platforms(760-840 mm) shall be provided at all categories of stations.
      • Provide good cafeteria/retail facilities.
      • Space shall also be created for Executive Lounges and places for small business meetings.
      • Drainage of platform areas.
      • Ceremonial flags may be provided at appropriate space in the station.
      • Special amenities for the disabled.
      • Gradual shift to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions as per availability of funds and condition of existing assets is considered.
    • The scheme will subsume all previous redevelopment projects where work is yet to begin.