Border Security Force (BSF) Raising Day


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    Border Security Force (BSF)

    • About:
      • It is India’s border guarding forces along the borders of Pakistan and Bangladesh.
      • Administrative Control: Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).
      • Purpose: It was raised in the wake of the 1965 War on 1 December 1965 as India’s first line of defence for ensuring the security of the borders of India and for matters connected therewith.
      • Deployment: On-Line of Control (LoC) along with Indian Army and in Anti-Naxal Operations.
      • Officials: The BSF has its own cadre of officers but its head, designated as a Director-General (DG), since its raising has been an officer from the Indian Police Service (IPS).
    • Jurisdiction Powers of BSF:
    • Section 139: It empowers the Center to notify from time to time the area and extent of operation of the Border Security Force. 
      • Under the BSF Act, Section 139 (ii) gives sweeping powers of arrest to BSF. 
      • It has powers of preventive arrest under Section 139 (1) & posts offence arrest under section 139 (ii)
      • No mention of consultation with local police. 
    • New Notification:
      • As per the new notification, BSF officers will be able to conduct arrests and searches in West Bengal, Punjab, and Assam. 
        • BSF has got the right to take this action under:
          • the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), 
          • the Passport Act 1967, and 
          • the Passport (Entry to India) Act 1920.
      • The BSF will have the powers of search, seizure, and arrest under Acts like Passport Act, NDPS Act, and Customs Act.
      • The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has extended the jurisdiction of the Border Security Force (BSF) up to 50 km inside the international borders in Punjab, West Bengal and Assam.

    Source: PIB