Pangasius Icaria



    • A new catfish species has been discovered in the river Cauvery near Mettur Dam.


    • The edible species has been named Pangasius icaria ( P. icaria) after the Indian Council of Agricultural Research that discovered the species. The species belongs to the Pangasius genus.
    • The genus Pangasius is found in the Gangetic plains but not in peninsular India.
    • Through this study, they found that Pangasius specimens from the river Cauvery are different from other species of the genus Pangasius.
    • The new species is edible and the locals call it aie keluthi in Tamil.
    • Catfish has high commercial value in aquaculture and wild capture fisheries.

    Mettur Dam

    • It is the largest dam in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. 
    • It is situated across the Cauvery River.

    Source: TH