Project 75(I)


    In News 

    • Recently, Russia has withdrawn from Project 75(I) stating the terms and conditions in the Request For Proposal (RFP) for the construction of six advanced submarines as unrealistic.

    About Project 75(I)

    • Background: Indian Navy P-75 1 submarine project is listed in Phase I of the Indian Navy’s 30 Year indigenous submarine construction plan approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) on 13 Jul 1999. 
      • The plan envisages the construction of 24 submarines indigenously along with public and private industries, of appropriate designs in two phases.
      •  In Phase I (2000 – 2015), the plan had two parts. 
        • The first part is the construction of P 75 was started in Oct 2005
    • The first of the Project – 75 submarines was commissioned into the Navy in December 2017 .
    • The second part, Project 75(I), six submarines from the Eastern design like the 877EKM or a derivative like Amur 1650, was to be constructed simultaneously.
    • Project-75(I) envisages indigenous construction of six modern conventional submarines (including associated shore support, Engineering Support Package, training and spares package) with contemporary equipment, weapons & sensors including Fuel-Cell based AIP (Air Independent Propulsion Plant), advanced torpedoes, modern missiles and state of the art countermeasure systems. 
    • Significance :The project would not only aid in boosting the core submarine/ship building industry but would also greatly enhance the manufacturing/industrial sector, especially the MSME by development of an industrial eco-system for manufacture of associated spares/systems/equipment related to submarines. 
    • The overall aim would be to progressively build indigenous capabilities in the public/private sector to design, develop and manufacture complex weapon systems for the future needs of the Armed Forces.