American Bullfrog & Brown Tree Snake


    In Context

    • As per the study, the American bullfrog and brown tree snake cost the world economy $16 billion.
      • The invasive duo has caused ecological damage in addition to ruining farm produce and causing expensive power interruptions.

    About the Species

    • The brown-and-green frog, known as lithobates catesbeianus and weighs over two pounds (0.9 kg), had the greatest impact in Europe.
      • These frogs are damaging the crops.
    • The brown tree snake, known as boiga irregularis, has multiplied uncontrollably on Pacific islands including Guam and the Mariana Islands, where the species was introduced by the U.S. troops in World War II.
      • The snakes have, at times, been so abundant that they caused power outages by crawling on electrical equipment.

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