FASTER Software


    In News 

    Recently ,The Chief Justice of India launched ‘Fast and Secure Transmission of Electronic Records’ (FASTER).

    About FASTER 

    • It is  a software to transmit Court Orders swiftly, securely through electronic mode.
    • It proposes transmission of e-authenticated copies of the interim orders, stay orders, bail orders and record of proceedings to the duty-holders for compliance and due execution, through a secured electronic communication channel.
    • These orders may vary from stay of execution of a person to freeze on the demolition of a slum to bail orders for undertrial prisoners.
    • Origin of concept
      • The concept of FASTER took shape after reading a news report regarding prisoners not being released despite the Supreme Court granting them bail three days ago as the physical copies of the orders were not delivered to the prison officials.
        • After that, the CJI-led bench took up a suo motu case and directions were issued to develop the electronic system.
    • It will communicate bail orders and it will have the digital signature of SC officers for authentication. 
      • Communication is restricted to the email id holders which ensures privacy, safety and security.
    • It  is developed on war footing by the Registry in collaboration with the National Informatics Centre.
    • Benefits 
      • FASTER would aid the cause of quick and effortless justice.
      • The timely delivery of the court’s orders to the authorities would also prevent unnecessary arrests and custody of people who have already been granted anticipatory bail.