Best RAS Mains Test Series 2023: Features, Fees and More

RAS Mains Test Series 2023

The much awaited RPSC RAS Main Examination 2023 will be conducted on 27th and 28th January 2024. Thus, the aspirants are left with around 2 months to prepare for RAS Main Exam 2023. The best strategy to prepare well for the exam in such a short duration is to join a good RAS Mains Test Series. 

One of the best RPSC RAS Mains Test Series available in Jaipur is the NEXT IAS RAS Mains Test Series 2023-24. This Test Series is designed in sync with the latest pattern of the RAS Mains Examination. Starting on 3rd December 2023, this Test Series 2023-24 provides 4 Full Length Tests + 4 RAS Simulator Tests covering the whole RAS Mains Syllabus comprehensively. 

Features of NEXT IAS RAS Mains Test Series 2023

Some of its most striking features which makes it one of the best RAS Mains Test Series are:

  • RAS Standard Questions – Qualitative questions in sync with latest patterns of RAS Mains examination
  • Detailed Time-bound Evaluation – Detailed and time bound copy evaluation with pointed feedback especially focused to highlight student’s weak areas and how to improve upon it.
  • Expert Mentorship Support – Experts mentorship and Intensive one to one feedback by RAS Officers and NEXT IAS Faculties to help you figure out your weak areas and improve your performance and marks.
  • Comprehensive Solutions – Comprehensive solutions with relevant content that can help you assess your content competence

Apart from these, following specialities of this test series makes it one of the best test series for RPSC RAS Mains Examination:

  1. It is a well known fact that more tests allow better assessment. 4 Full Length Tests + 4 RAS Simulator Tests provided under this Test Series 2023-24 helps you evaluate your preparation more comprehensively. 
  2. Detailed and well-explained solutions of each question provided under this Test Series program helps you revise the whole syllabus in a time-effective manner. 
  3. Being fairly and rationally priced, fares much better in terms of good value for money. 

Contact Details

Following are the contact details to know more about the NEXT IAS RAS Mains Test Series 2023-24 :


  • Address: A-1, Lion’s Colony, Sitabari, Near The Theme Hotel, Tonk Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302018
  • Phone: 9358200511, 9358200522
  • Email: [email protected]

Wish you all the best for the upcoming RPSC RAS Mains Examination!


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