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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2




    Russia invades Ukraine, rumble shakes the world

    Modi tells Putin to end violence; Biden says US in talks with India

    The causality in Ukrain 



    Why Russia invades Ukraine? historical links and immediate cause, the response of global community and India,significance of intensifying diplomatic efforts towards an amicable solution at the earliest and what lies ahead?

    GS 2



    Goa Speaker right in not disqualifying 12 MLAs: HC

    (Polity and Governance )

    What is the anti-defection law, and what is its purpose? What constitutes defection? Who is the deciding authority? How long does it take for deciding cases of defection? Has the anti-defection law ensured the stability of governments? Have any suggestions been made to improve the law?

    GS 2


    The great exodus 


    Why do lakhs of Indians go abroad to study? How did India’s education and employment crisis result in lakhs of students heading to foreign universities?

    Why are there so few jobs in India? other issues related to it, governments initiatives and what steps need to be taken in this context?

    GS 3




    Insufficiently green 

    (Environment )

    What is the relationship between economy and ecology? why there is a massive rise in allocation for infrastructure projects, with huge environmental implications? important aspects of the 2022 budget in this context, the government’s approach to sustainable development, key analysis and way forward.

    GS 3


    India’s overall ranking on IIP protection improves: USCC


    Know about the International Intellectual Property Index and India’s ranking.

    GS 3


    When crude oil boils, everything heats up: what changes for users 


    Das: Inflation risks from rising in global commodity prices


    Why has crude jumped? How will it impact the Indian economy? How do high oil prices impact consumers? What can be the impact on investor sentiment and markets?


    What are the key highlights of the minutes of the meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)?