Headlines of the Day 23-10-2023


    PIB, The Hindu, Indian Express,PIB

    HeadlineSource LinkSyllabusKey points to know
    Israel-Palestine conflict and Its impact on IndiaLink 1: The HinduPage 1Link 2: The Hindu Page 1Link 3: The Hindu(Page 7)Link 4: The Hindu (Page 7)Link 5:Indian Express(Page 1)Link 6: Indian Express (Page 9)Link 7:Indian express (Page 13)Link 14: Indian express (Page 13)
    IR (GS II)– What is the Israel-Palestine conflict?
    – Historical linkages 
    – Its impact on world and  India 
    – Latest Developments 
    Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations The Hindu: (Page 1)Indian Express(Page 1)Indian Express (Page 13)IR (GS II)– What is the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations?
    – Its significance
    Small savings instruments (SSIs)The Hindu : (Page 1)Economy (GSIII)– What are Small savings instruments (SSIs)?
    – Its importance
    Air quality index (AQI) and Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP)
    The Hindu(Page 2)Indian Express(Page 4)Environment (GS III)– What are Air quality index (AQI) and Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP)?
    – Its significance
    Mission Mahila SarathiThe Hindu(Page 4)Indian Express(Page 10)Women Empowerment(GSI) – What is the Mission Mahila Sarathi?
    – Its objectives
    Who are the Hattis? And Hattis’ case for ST statusThe Hindu (Page 4)Population and Associated Issues  (GS I)– Who are the Hattis?
    – Why are they in the news?
    Cyclone TejThe Hindu (Page 5)Geography (GS I)– What is Cyclone Tej?
    – Its impact 
    Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage verdictThe Hindu (Page 6 )Indian Express(Page 8)Polity and Governance (GS II)– What is the significance of the  Supreme Court’s verdict on same-sex marriage?
    Ecological health of the  Indian Himalayan Region (IHR)The Hindu(Page 6)Environment (GS III)– What does the carrying capacity of a region mean?
    – How can the ecological health of the Himalayas be restored?
    Human spaceflight mission The Hindu(Page 6)The Hindu (Page 12)Space(GS III)– What is the Human spaceflight mission?
    Condition of the Indian labour marketThe Hindu(Page 8)Economy(GS III)– What is the Condition of the labour market in India?
    Global Tax Evasion Report 2024The Hindu(Page 10)IR(GSI)/Economy(GS III)
    – What are the key findings of the Global Tax Evasion Report 2024?
    Cheetah and Chetak helicoptersThe Hindu(Page 12)Defence(GS III)– What are the key features of the Cheetah and Chetak helicopters?
    South China Sea DisputeThe Hindu(Page 13)
    IR(GS II)– What is the South China Sea Dispute?
    – Is it a concern for India?
    Cyber insurance critical for small, medium enterprisesThe Hindu(Page 14)
    Economy(GS III)– What is cyber insurance?
    – Why is cyber insurance critical for small, medium enterprise?
    Genome sequencing has become the mainstay of investigations of the virusesThe Hindu(Page 20)S&T(GS III)– What is Genome sequencing?
    – Its importance
    FluorescenceThe Hindu(Page 20)S&T(GS III)– What is Fluorescence?
    – Its uses
    Antarctic krill (Euphausia suberba)The Hindu(Page 20)Species in news (GS III)– What is Antarctic krill?
    – Its IUCN Status 
    One-nation, one-pollIndian Express(Page 1)Polity and Governance (GS II– What is one-nation, one-poll?
    – Its significance, criticism and the way forward
    Exports of non-basmati white rice Indian Express(Page 1)
    Economy(GS III)– What is non-basmati white rice?
    – Leading producer states in India
    Tomb of Muhammad Quli KhanIndian Express(Page 4)
    Indian Architecture(GS I)– What is the cultural significance of the Tomb of Muhammad Quli Khan?
    Women’s Reservation BillIndian Express(Page 9)
    Women Empowerment (GS I)– What are the key features of the Women’s Reservation Bill?
    – Its significance, criticism and the way forward
    Indian Express(Page 13)
    IR(GS II)
    – Bidenomics: What is it? Has it worked? What is its significance?
    Jagannath temple
    Indian Express(Page 13)
    Indian Architecture(GS I)– What is the cultural significance of the Jagannath temple?
    electoral bonds issueIndian Express(Page 14)Polity and Governance (GS II– What are electoral bonds? 
    – Its significance, criticism and the way forward
    Anubhav Awards 2023PIBMiscellaneous – What is Anubhav Awards 2023?
    – Its significance
    Project UDBHAVPIBDefence(GS III)– What is Project UDBHAV?
    – Its aims and objectives
    ‘Matsya Sampada Jagrukta Abhiyan’PIBEconomy(GS III)
    – What is the Matsya Sampada Jagrukta Abhiyan?
    – Its aims and objectives
    Bharat Tex 2024PIBEconomy(GS III)
    – What is Bharat Tex 2024?
    Kasturi Cotton Bharat PIBEconomy(GS III)
    – What is Kasturi Cotton Bharat?- Its significance