Headlines of the Day 19-06-2024

    Students must not be allowed to sport wearables indicating caste: Justice Chandru panel  The Hindu (Page 4)  Governance  (GSII)
    The G-7 must review its own purpose in a rapidly changing world  The Hindu (Page 8)  IR(GSII)
    The high cost of a global economic decoupling  The Hindu (Page 8)IR(GSII)/Economy(GSIII      
    Time for a Census, come what mayThe Hindu (Page 9)    Governance(GSII)/Economy(GSIII  
    Does H5N1 pose a threat for humans?The Hindu (Page 10)  Health (GSII)/S&T(GSIII)    
    How can Himachal Pradesh fight against forest fires?The Hindu (Page 10)    Environment(GSIII)      
    How the Maratha, Kunbi identities have changed over the course of historyThe Hindu (Page 11)    History/Society(GSI)
    Despite rising number of accidents, Kavach work still on the slow track  The Hindu(Page 12)    Science and Tech(GSIII)  
    NSAs of India and the U.S. assure industry to resolve any barriers that hold back relations  The Hindu (pAGE 12)  IR(GSII)Science and Tech(GSIII)  
    CDS releases blueprint for warfare in cyberspace  The Hindu (pAGE 12)          Defense(GSIII)      
    China has 500 nuclear warheads, says SIPRIThe Hindu (Page 14)      Science and Tech(GSIII)    
    Scientists from India, China, U.K. develop catalyst to produce cheaper biodiesel  The Hindu (Page 14)    Science and Tech(GSIII)      
    Genomes reveal legacies of human sacrifice and medieval epidemics  The Hindu (Page 22      History (GSI)  
    Rising power, rising responsibilities — five geopolitical challenges before Modi 3.0Indian Express (Page 11)      IR(GSII)    
    Where is the monsoon?  Indian Express (Page 14)  Geography(GSI)
    Strategic imperative and environment concern in Great Nicobar project  Indian Express (Page 14)  Environment(GSIII)      
    pro-tem SpeakerIndian Express (Page 14)  Governance  (GSII)        
    Dormant supermassive black holes  Indian Express (Page 14)  Space(GSIII  
    sensorineural deafness    Indian Express (Page 14)    Health(GSII)/S&T(GSIII)
    Industry seeks removal of ‘Angel Tax’; to greatly aid capital formation, says CII    Indian Express (Page 15)    Economy(GSIII)
    Krishi Sakhi    PIBEconomy(GSIII)    
    Gross Direct Tax collectionsPIBEconomy(GSIII)    
    The Post Office Act 2023 comes into effect from today    PIBGovernance (GSII)
    NHAI to Enhance Green Cover Along the National Highways with Miyawaki Plantations    PIBEnvironment(GSIII)    
    IMD Says Relief From Scorching Heatwave Over North India Expected With Approach Of Western Disturbance In Region    AirGeography(GSI)