Headlines of the day 19-06-2023





    Key points to know

    NITI Aayog and the United Nations in India signed the GoI-UNSDCF 2023-2027



    • What is GoI-UNSDCF 2023-2027?
    • Are we on track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals in 2030?

    Dugdh Sankalan Sathi Mobile App



    • Union Minister of Heavy Industries Launches “Dugdh Sankalan Sathi Mobile App” to Transform Indian Dairy Industries
    • This mobile app aims to improve the quality of milk by Online monitoring of daily milk poured at Milk Cooperative Societies

    National Working Plan Code-2023



    • Ministry of Environment released the “National Working Plan Code-2023” for scientific management of forests
    • National Working Plan Code was first adopted in 2004 with a subsequent amendment in 2014 

    Biparjoy part of a new trend in Indian cyclones

    The Hindu Page 9


    • The cyclonic disturbances over the North Indian Ocean, which includes the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal have gone through many significant changes in recent decades. What are its possible reasons?

    China’s ‘developmental’ security approach

    The Hindu Page 10


    • Why are the Chinese authorities cracking down on U.S. based companies?
    • Is the U.S- China rivalry at the root of these aggressions? 

    How do Telegram bots function?

    The Hindu Page 11


    • What is Telegram?
    • What is the use of bots on Telegram?

    Gita Press, Gorakhpur, awarded Gandhi Peace Prize for 2021

    The Hindu Page 12


    • What is Gandhi Peace Prize?
    • Why has the Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2021 is being conferred on Gita Press, Gorakhpur?

    The remarkable endurance of the Y chromosome, ‘master of maleness’

    The Hindu Page 20

    Science and Tech

    • How is the Y chromosome characterised?
    • Why does the Y chromosome matter?

    Miyawaki forests 

    Indian Express 

    Page 17


    • What is the concept of Miyawaki forest? Its Benifits

    Paddy and the price of water

    Indian Express 

    Page 17


    • What is Direct Seeding of Rice?
    • Its Benefits and Current constraints

    Right to change one’s name is part of the right to life

    Indian Express 

    Page 17


    • The right to change one’s name or surname is a part of the right to life under Article 21, the High Courts of Allahabad and Delhi recently said.

    Nehru’s name dropped from Teen Murti House museum and library

    Indian Express


    • The Nehru Memorial Museum and Library will henceforth be known as the Prime Ministers’ Museum and Library, with a new exhibit on Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon to be launched.

    Why are the rich leaving India?


    Page 1


    • How large is India’s exodus of the rich?
    • Why are high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) leaving India?