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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

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    India treasure trove sitting in US museum is linked to smuggler in Tamil Nadu jail

    What the law says on antiquities abroad

    (Indian Polity)

    What is antiquity? International conventions on antiquities, Indian laws on the subject, proving the ownership of antiquities & recent issues, etc.

    GS 2



    ‘Seminl importance’ supreme cuort refers same sex marriage pleas to 5 judge bench 

    (Indian Polity) 

    Know about the Supreme Court’s recent note on same-sex marriage, Key highlights of the Special Marriage Act of 1954, etc.

    GS 3


    Price to pay 

    (Indian Economy)

    What are the causes of inflation in India? What is the Reserve Bank of India’s inflation targeting framework?, etc.

    GS 3


    The great nicobar choke indian express


    India’s holistic move to build naval base on Great Nicobar islands, its significance for overlooking Malacca strait & south China sea, etc.



    And Oscar goes to


    Know about the winners of the Oscar Award.

    GS 2


    Unrest in Manipur Hills


    Know about the SoO agreement with tribal insurgent groups, Manipur’s withdrawal from the agreement, significance & outcomes.