Nominated members in Rajya Sabha


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    Nominated Rajya Sabha member and athlete P.T. Usha is now on the panel of Vice-Chairman of the House.


    • Article 80(1)(a) read with Article 80(3) of the Constitution of India provides that the President can nominate to Rajya Sabha, 12 persons having special knowledge, or practical experience in respect of literature, science, art and social service. 

     Role of nominated members

    • Nominated members of Rajya Sabha enjoy all the powers and privileges to which the elected MPs are entitled. 
    • They can take part in the proceedings of the House in the normal manner, even though there has been criticism that several nominated members have poor attendance and do not appear to show much interest in legislative work. 
      • In this context, cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, actor Rekha, and businesswoman Anu Aga have faced criticism in recent years.
    • Nominated members are not allowed to vote in the election of the President.
      • They do have the right to vote in the election of the Vice-President.


    • Rajya Sabha gives “an opportunity, perhaps, to seasoned people who may not be in the thickest of the political fray, but who might be willing to participate in the debate with an amount of learning and importance which we do not ordinarily associate with the House of the People”.