Spectrum for Satellite communication (SatCom)


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    India will be the first country to auction spectrum for satellite communication (SatCom)


    • Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had received a reference from the Department of Telecommunication for the spectrum required to be put to auction and associated aspects of satellite-based communication.
    • TRAI will soon make recommendations to make permissions required for satellite communication from various Ministries — Information and Broadcasting, Space and Telecom — seamless to enhance ease of doing business in the sector.

    About Satellite communication,

    • Satellite communication refers to any communication link that involves the use of an artificial satellite in its propagation path. 
    • Satellite communications play a vital role in modern life. 
    • There are over 2000 artificial satellites in use. 
      • They can be found in geostationary, Molniya, elliptical, and low Earth orbits and are used for traditional point-to-point communications, mobile applications, and the distribution of TV and radio programs. 
    • Satellite communications tend to use high-frequency signals

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