Ustad Ali Zaki Hader – 11-09-2023


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    Syllabus: GS1/Art & Culture

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    Noted Rudra veena exponent, Ustad Ali Zaki Hader, passed away in New Delhi at the age of 50.


    • Ali Zaki Hader was the last exponent of the Khandarbani (Khandaharbani) style of the Jaipur Beenkar gharana of Dhrupad.
    • He was the Disciple of Ustad Asad Ali Khan.

    Rudra Veena

    • It is an ancient stringed instrument, which is made of teak wood, metal, pumpkin, and Bamboo. 
    • It is found in various parts of North India. Majorly used in Northern Indian classical music.
    • It is held at a higher angle of elevation, i.e, almost vertically. It consists of two large vibrating boxes.
    • Unlike a sitar or sarod, the rudra veena does not have resonance strings.
    • The word veena is believed to have been derived from the word vana, a string instrument mentioned in the Rig Veda.
    • It is believed that Rudra Veena was created by Lord Shiva as a tribute to the beauty of Goddess Parvati.
    • Rudra Veena has now become a rare instrument almost on the verge of extinction.
      • Both, the craftsmen who create the instrument as well as its players are rarely found now. The instrument lost its importance in the early nineteenth century with the evolution of other stringed instruments such as – Surbahar, Sitar and Sarod, etc.

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