WHO Fungal Priority Pathogens List (FPPL)


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    Recently ,The World Health Organization (WHO)published a report highlighting the first-ever list of fungal “priority pathogens” – a catalogue of the 19 fungi that represent the greatest threat to public health. 


    •  The WHO fungal priority pathogens list (FPPL) is the first global effort to systematically prioritise fungal pathogens, considering the unmet research and development (R&D) needs and the perceived public health importance. 
    • The WHO FPPL list is divided into three categories: critical, high and medium priority. 
      • The fungal pathogens of in each priority category are so ranked primarily due to their public health impact and/or emerging antifungal resistance risk
    • The WHO FPPL aims to focus and drive further research and policy interventions to strengthen the global response to fungal infections and antifungal resistance.

    Do you know ?

    • Fungal pathogens are a major threat to public health as they are becoming increasingly common and resistant to treatment with only four classes of antifungal medicines currently available, and few candidates in the clinical pipeline. 
    • Most fungal pathogens lack rapid and sensitive diagnostics and those that exist are not widely available or affordable globally.