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Foreseeing Sixth Mass Extinction

In Context Recently a new study led by the University of Hawaii claimed that Earth is witnessing its sixth mass extinction event.  What is Mass Extinction?  A...

Cloudburst & Flash Floods

In Context Recently cloudbursts and flash floods were seen in different parts of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. More about the news Isolated areas in these two states...

Slowing Down of Seafloor Spreading

In Context Study shows the pace of seafloor spreading has slowed down by roughly 35 percent globally.  About the Study Researchers opted for 18 ridges across the...

Glacier Melting in Hindu Kush

In News According to a recent United Nations-backed research, up to two billion people in southeast Asia can face food and water shortages even as...

Groundwater Depletion In India

In News According to recent study, the Groundwater depletion may reduce winter cropping intensity by 20% in India by 2025. India’s three main irrigation types on...