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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 3




    Supreme Court to pass orders on pleas in Pegasus case today


    (Cyber Security)

    Know about The decision in pleas to form an independent committee to probe into reports that the government used Israeli-based Pegasus software to spy on citizens, recent updates in this context, about the Pegasus spyware and its latest targets in India, more details along with other kinds of cyber threats. Impact on cybersecurity and suggestions to stop such attacks. Laws related to cybercrimes and security in India.

    GS 2 


    Updated NPR form retains contentious questions 


    (Polity and Governance)




    Major Takeaways from the document compiled by a committee under the Registrar General of India for National Population Register (NPR), what is National Population Register (NPR), its newly digitised forms and the concerns regarding it.


    GS 3


    Rajasthan to host global investors’ meet in Jan




    Significance of global investors’ summit, what are the major highlights of the summit and how ease of doing business” policy had created a positive environment for investing in the State.

    GS 2


    Fix water level at 137 ft, says Kerala





    Know about Mullaperiyar Dam, what are the issues associated with it , supreme court ruling in this context 

    GS 1


    Re­evaluating the neo­Buddhist movement



    Buddhism in India, Origin, Tenets of Buddhism, Schools of Buddhism, Spread of Buddhism, Ambedkar’s impact, Significance of Kushinagar International Airport and Contribution of Buddhism to Indian Culture

    GS 3


    Why India shouldn’t sign on to net-zero


    (Environment )


    What is the net-zero target? the recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, What promises of net-zero do, What India must do, Why hasn’t India agreed to a net-zero target? What are India’s core demands? 

    GS 2


    Clearing the air on water


    (Governance )

    Know about Parambikulam Aliyar Project (PAP), The prosperity linked to it, agreement amongst the states? Issues, key analysis and way forward 

    GS 2


    Preparing for outbreaks


    Centre plans 2 mobile hospitals



    The Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission (ABHIM), its relevance of strengthening public health institutions and governance capacities, what are major issues highlighted by the current pandemic and various schemes and initiatives in this context 

    GS 2


    Entries open for BLoC

    Boardroom challenge



    Learn facts related to BLoC Boardroom Challenge 2021

    GS 2


    Srinagar students booked under UAPA



    Know about the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), provisions, significance, impact, concerns and suggestions. 

    GS 2


    Framework to manage  drone traffic notified


    (Polity and Governance)

    Major Features of traffic management policy framework for drones, objectives and needs.

    GS 2


    Expedite talks on the South China Sea: Beijing



    Relevance of negotiations with ASEAN countries on a

    code of conduct framework for South China

    Sea, South China Sea, Bordering states & territories, Strategic Importance, Reasons For Dispute in the South China Sea, China’s Assertion, Other Issues, India’s Stand