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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 3




    COP27 forms loss and damage fund,new panel to decide its structure 


    What are the key highlights of The United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27?and significance 

    GS 3


    Great knot sighting untangles a migration mystery



    Learn facts related to Great knot

    GS 3




    Charting the economic journey ahead 


    Know about India’s economic journey, India’s strategy of development,achievements ,issues and what more needs to be done ?

    GS 1/2


    A place for all refugees under India’s welfare umbrella 

    (Social Issues/International)

    Know about  International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women,Why we must eliminate violence against women, how far India has progressed in protecting women since Independence 75 ?What does this all mean for refugee women in India?,key analysis and way ahead 

    GS 2


    The threat to federalism in agricultural education 

    (Polity and Governance)

    Know about the evolution of agricultural education in India, role of States, Kerala High Court’s  recent judgment,issues and what lies ahead?  

    GS 2


    A first look at the new data protection Bill

    (Polity and Governance)

    What is the scope of the present formulation of the Bill?and Why have there been so many revisions and changes? 


    GS 3


    GS 2/3




    What does the latest  FTX fallout mean for the crypto currency ?

    (Science and Technology )


    India has given 15$ as soft loan to neighbors 

    (International/Economy )

    What’s the genesis of FTX?know about crypto currency ,its benefits ,emerging issues and way ahead 


    What is a soft loan ?know about the volume of India’s soft loans to neighboring countries and relevance 

    GS 2


    States check, verify data of PM Kisan beneficiaries: Ministry

    (Welfare Schemes)

    Know about the PM-KISAN scheme,objectives and achievements