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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2 1 Neither faction can use Sena name, symbol: EC(Polity and Governance) What is the anti-defection law? What is the role of speaker and election commission? Also know about the significance of ‘Kihoto Hollohan’ judgement.
    GS 2 10 Clean swipe for MGNREGS attendance app only in 8 States(Welfare schemes) Know about the MGNREGA scheme. How has this scheme benefited the livelihoods of the marginalised sections in rural areas? Also know about the Issues with the use of the NMMS app.
    GS 3 12 Chandrayaan-2 gauges sodium content on Moon’s surfaceScience and Technology (Space) Know about  the second Indian Moon mission, Chandrayaan-2. Also, know about the earlier moon missions, like Apollo-11, Luna and Chang’e-5.
    GS 1 12 Early warning for heatwaves sees huge improvement(Geography) What are Heat Waves? Impact of Heat waves and strategies to address it.
    GS 3 12 Australia sets goal to prevent new wildlife extinctions(Biodiversity and Environment) What is wildlife extinction? Why more mammal species have gone extinct in Australia than on any other continent? How it can be prevented. Also know about the Wildlife Conservation Initiatives by Indian Government.
    GS 3 13 How is ‘click chemistry’ more energy efficient?(Science and Technology) What is click chemistry? What are its uses? Also, know about this year’s Nobel laureates for Chemistry.
    GS 3 13 What lies at the heart of the Physics Nobel?(Science and Technology) Know about the physicists chosen for the Nobel Prize in physics? Also, know about the work done by these laureates and its practical applications.
    GS 3 13 Does palaeogenomics explain our origins?(Science and Technology) What is the significance of Pääbo’s work? How can DNA be extracted from fossils? 
    GS 3 15 Parboiled rice exports take a hit on customs duty stand­-off(Economy and Agriculture) What are parboiled and broken rice? Why did the Centre instituted a ban on the export of broken rice? What will be its Global Impact?