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    Relevance for Prelims and Mains  

    GS 2



    With COVID-19 ‘over’, applying the lessons learnt 


    Why did the World Health Organization end the global emergency status for COVID-19 ?repercussions  of the move and How will the WHO declaration change disease management?

    GS 2


    A position paper, China’s image, and what it means 


    (International Relations )

    How China’s position on the Afghan Issue , continued engagement with Russia and Iran, along with the Central Asian countries will affect india’s interest ,options available for india  and way forward

    GS 2/3


    Will the greenback still be green? 


    What is the status of the U.S. dollar as a preferred currency for international trade ?What is the dollar’s share of foreign exchange reserves?Why is  the U.S. dollar in demand ? recent trend and future outlook ?

    GS 3


    India’s first national water­body census 


    What did India’s first national water-body census find? How was the census conducted?What is the importance of a water body census?and How can the census improve?

    GS 3


    What is Bluesky, the latest micro-blogging platform in the market? 


    (Science and Technology)

    What is Bluesky?Who is behind Bluesky?How is Bluesky different from Mastodon?


    GS 3


    ISRO to start online training programme for college students 

    (Science and Technology)


    Know about Space Science and Technology Awareness Training (START) and its objectives