Augmented Reality


    In News

    • Snap, the parent company for Snapchat, sees Augmented Reality (AR) as the next big driver for growth and increasing adoption in the market. 

    Augmented Reality: Definition 

    • It is the technology that superimposes an image onto a user’s view of the real world and enhances it with sound, touch, and even smell. 
    • It is a combination of the real scene viewed by the user and a virtual scene generated by the computer. 
    • The technology that is going to blur the lines of reality.
    • Augmented Reality represents the upcoming shift in our ability to create and then experience software applications in a totally new way. 
    • It is actually much more in line with the way we as humans naturally behave and imagine the world around us.

    Sectors where AR can be adopted

    • Education:
      • AR can be used as an educational tool and a way to learn more about the world around them. 
      • AR is used in the field of language translation.
    • Defense and Security:
      • Law enforcement agencies can use AR tech to recognize criminals in huge crowds.
      • It will improve the situational awareness of the soldiers.The tech is named Tactical Augmented Reality (TAR)
        • TAR will one day replace night vision goggles, as this technology can help soldiers in the dark.
        • It will replace the handheld GPS that soldiers carry today to locate their positions.
    • Advertising:
      • Flipkart, and other e-commerce brands can use AR to help consumers shop and visualise products before they buy them
      • AR is used by Retail companies to help customers envisage aesthetics while redesigning the interiors .
      • Jaguar Land Rover puts prospective car buyers in the virtual driver’s seat of its latest models without visiting the dealership. 
        • Customers can see the outside view seated at the driving seat through transparent windows.
    • Healthcare:
      • AR technology would replace the traditional handheld ultrasound scanners.
        • It will help in locating the blood vessels very accurately and in a shorter period.
      • Google Glass and other Head-up Displays (HUD) put AR directly into the glasses. 
        • These glasses could be used as reminders for patients undergoing medication
    • Pharmaceuticals:
      • AR would help Drug developers to step inside the molecule and determine the drug’s movement and response to different stimuli and situations. 
      • This will reduce errors and reduce the years-long drug development cycle.
    • Logistics:
      • Optimizing warehouse operations, transportation , last-mile delivery and enhanced value-added services.
      • Scanning the product’s  QR code could provide wholesome information on the screen.
    • Social Media:
      • Various filters on Snapchat and Instagram are nothing but Augmented Reality.
      • Pokemon is one of the most famous games to hit a big chord with the public.

    What is a Lens Studio?

    • Lens Studio is a tool and a platform that allows anybody to create an AR experience. 
    • They can then deploy AR seamlessly without any extra work across both iOS and Android user bases.
    • Lensathons: It is basically an international lens hackathon. 
    • Lens creators performance
      • There has been a lion’s share of engagement around Augmented Reality being rooted in what we would call creative expression. 
      • These are Lenses that are really funny and entertaining and represent ways to express oneself. 
    • A success story
      • A student Jagmeet Singh has seen his Lenses get over a billion views. 
      • The Smoke Flare Lens from India saw over 30 billion views.

    Difference between Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality

    Augmented Reality

    Virtual Reality

    Mixed Reality

    • Virtual Objects overlaid on Real World Environment
    • Real world enhanced with digital objects
    • AR does not replace actual world environment with 3D digital elements
    • Fully Artificial Environment
    • Full immersion in virtual environment
    • VR replaces the actual world environment with 3D digital elements
    • Virtual Environment combined with real world.
    • Interaction with both real and virtual world

    Source: IE