‘Right to Repair’ Portal


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    • Union Food and Consumer Affairs Minister unveiled the ‘right to repair’ portal on National Consumer Day.
      • The theme of National Consumer Day 2022 was “Effective disposal of cases in consumer commission”.


    • On the ‘right to repair’ portal, manufacturers would share the manual of product details with customers so that they could either repair by self, by third parties, rather than depend on the original manufacturers. Initially, mobile phones, electronics, consumer durables, automobiles and farming equipment would be covered.
    • The Right to Repair refers to government legislation that is intended to allow consumers the ability to repair and modify their own consumer electronic devices, where otherwise the manufacturer of such devices requires the consumer to use only their offered services.
    • The right to repair has been recognised in many countries across the globe, including the US, UK and European Union.

    Nidhi Khare Committee

    • Recently, the Department of Consumer Affairs has set up a committee under Nidhi Khare to develop a comprehensive framework on the right to repair. 
    • The aim of the framework is to empower consumers and product buyers in the local market and harmonize trade between the original equipment manufacturers and the third-party buyers and sellers. 
    • It also aims to emphasize developing sustainable consumption of products and reduction in e-waste.


    • Boost business for small repair shops, which are an important part of local economies.
    • It will help reduce the vast mountain of electrical waste (e-waste) that piles up each year on the continent.
    • It will save consumers money.
    • It will contribute to the circular economy. 

    Source: TH