Trigonopterus Corona


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    • Museum scientists from Indonesia and Germany have just discovered 28 new species of beetles, all belonging to the weevil genus Trigonopterus.
      • One of them has been named Trigonopterus corona. 


    • The naming reflects the large impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on this project, Pensoft Publishers, which brings out the journal.

    Image Courtesy: IE

    • However, T. corona is by far not the first insect species with a pandemic-inspired name.
      •  In the last year, we have seen the species descriptions of the caddisfly Potamophylax coronavirus and the wasps Stethantyx covida and Allorhogas quarentenus.
    • Naming of other species: Some of the newly described species go by rather ‘standard’ names that derive from either the localities they have been collected from or their distinct characters, others were given a free pass to the Hall of Fame. 

    Source: IE