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    • Recently scientists have taken initial steps to create an ‘organoid intelligence’ which aims to create “biocomputers”.


    • “Organoid intelligence” like Artificial intelligence is an area of study to create independent decision-making units using organoids.
    • Brain organoids are 3D cultures of brain tissue prepared in the lab using human stem cells. These capture many structural and functional features of a developing human brain.
    • The scientists ultimately aim to create “biocomputers”: which are brain cultures grown in the lab and coupled to real-world sensors and input/output devices.

    Image Courtesy: TH


    • These biocomputers like human brains can be used for complex information processing.
    • These organoids can reveal the biological basis of human cognition, learning, and memory.
    • They can help in drug development and in decoding the pathology of degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and microcephaly. 

    Source: TH