Operation Ganga


    In News 

    • Recently,‘Operation Ganga’  was launched by the government of India to bring back Indians stranded in Ukraine. 

    About ‘Operation Ganga’

    • Under this, India has already successfully brought back more than a 1,000 of its nationals from the country.
    •  It has also set up 24×7 control centres to assist in the evacuation of Indians through the border crossing points with Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovak Republic. 
    • A Twitter handle, ‘Op Ganga Helpline’, has also been dedicated to the mission, where all information regarding evacuation process and advisories of embassies are shared to keep everyone up-to-date.

    Other related missions of India 

    • Operation Sukoon:
      • Operation Sukoon, or the ‘Beirut Sealift,’ was launched by the Indian Navy in July 2006 to evacuate Indians, Sri Lankans, Nepalese and Lebanese nationals with Indian spouses from Lebanon during the Israel-Lebanon war in 2006.
    • Operation Safe Homecoming: 
      • The Indian government had commenced Operation Safe Homecoming on 26 February 2011 to rescue over 15,400 Indian nationals stuck in Libya during the civil war. 
    • Operation Maitri :
      • Operation Maitri was initiated by the Indian government in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake on 25 April 2015. 
    • Operation Raahat:
      • An operation was launched by the Indian Armed Forces to evacuate 4,640 Indians and 960 foreign nationals of 41 countries from Yemen during the 2015 Yemen Crisis.
    •  Operation Devi Shakti:
      • The evacuation operation from Afghanistan in the backdrop of the Taliban’s takeover of the country is known as “Operation Devi Shakti”.
    • Vande Bharat Mission’: 
      • Evacuations during Covid-19 pandemic: The Indian government initiated a massive evacuation programme titled the ‘Vande Bharat Mission’ on May 7, 2020.