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Selecting the right optional subject during preparation plays a major role in increasing the chances of success in the coveted UPSC Civil Services Examination. Apart from the genuine interest in the subject, the aspirant must make a note about the scoring pattern along with the time required for comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.

Mathematics is an optional subject, especially for those aspirants who have a passion and flair for Math’s. It has proved to be rewarding for aspirants as the successful students bagging relatively better scores in comparison to other conventional options like History, Sociology and Anthropology. Students find it quite interesting to practice questions while developing concepts, thus honing the needed skills to score high in this subject.

Reasons why Students may pick Mathematics as an Optional in UPSC:


If an aspirant is able to attempt the majority of questions, then he/she is sure of scoring much more than what a good student can score in other optional subjects like History, Sociology, Anthropology, etc.


A good attempt can fetch a very high score considering the fact that the student is assured of his/her mathematical skills unlike in Arts optional subject where the marking remains relatively subjective.


Mathematics optional paper rewards students who focus on conceptual clarity and hard work through consistent practice. Students do not need to learn or memorize much. Hence, making it a preferred choice for optional amongst most of the students.


Taking Mathematics as an optional creates a good atmosphere during the Interview phase as the aspirants with mathematics as an optional are considered to be decisive and bold in the process of decision making, a trait which is considered to be very important for a Civil Servant.


Maneesh Sir, a renowned faculty of Mathematics, has an experience of more than 10 years in teaching and catering the students of UPSC domain. He is famous amongst his students because of his methodology to simplify any complex questions into easy steps. He has mentored and guided many aspirants to crack the UPSC civil services Examination through his unique teaching pedagogy.

  • Comprehensive Coverage of the Syllabus.
  • Quality Teaching with focus on conceptual clarity.
  • Focus on individual attention.
  • Exclusive Class Tests for continuous assessment and improvement.
  • Mains Test Series for CSE will be included.
  • The course duration is 5 months. The classes will be conducted 3 hrs./day and 6 days a week.
  • Test Series of 8 tests for revision of the course.
Mathematics Optional Foundation Course for CSE 2021
Mode Start Date Duration FEE
Live-Online(L1) Closed 5 Months Rs.55,000(including GST)
Live-Online(L2) Closed 5 Months Rs.55,000(including GST)
Live-Online(L3) 17th August 2021
Morning (9:30 AM - 12:30 PM)
5 Months Rs.55,000(including GST)
Classroom To be Notified Soon To be Notified Soon Rs.55,000(including GST)

Note: All live-online course is available on Windows, Android Phone, Apple iOS and IPad. However, it must be noted that it is not available on Apple MacBook