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Mathematics Test Series for CSE 2020

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Preparation for an optional is never complete without adequate practice. Mathematics may look easy but it requires a lot of practice to score well in the UPSC Examination. The best way to optimize practice is to join a test series that covers the syllabus in entirety.

NEXT IAS Mathematics Test Series is being launched to ensure students cover the entire syllabus through questions. The Test Series will include detailed explanation in addition to personalised feedback of every test paper by the faculty which will aid students in identifying the weak areas. The guidance will also ensure students work hard to strengthen the weak areas and polishing strong areas of the syllabus.

Mathematics, being a rewarding subject, can fetch students high scores if students work hard in the right direction. Hard Work, coupled with Next IAS Test Series and personalised feedback, shall make the student exam-ready by the end of the Test Series.

In UPSC CSE Mathematics optional has produced toppers consistently. We highlight you some to boost your morale. You may be one among them in the near future.

CSE 2017

Atul Prakash - AIR 04

Anubhav Singh- AIR 08

Sagar Kumar- AIR 13

CSE 2018

Kanishak Kataria - AIR 1

K. Varun Reddy - AIR 07

Tanmay V Sharma- AIR 10

Why Test Series of Mathematics can’t be neglected?

Practice, Practice and Practice

Test series provides a pool of questions to practice, this inculcates the ability to write answers which can’t be developed overnight. Technical optional requires problem-solving aptitude and Mathematics is no different. Test series is the best mode of analysing one’s preparation, well before the actual exam. Moreover.

Strategising through analysis

It is important to analyse after each test. Analysing every test will help the student identify strong areas and weak areas helping him craft his/her strategy accordingly for the UPSC CSE 2020.

Time Management and Discipline

Test series helps in inculcating discipline and Time management skills among the aspirants. The exam day makes an individual do funny things. To be well prepared, the mind and the writing hand must be exposed in several battles before your hand and mind becomes war (UPSC) ready.

Helpful in other Government Examination

Mathematics being the optional subject in many examinations apart from Civil services exams like IFoS and ESE, it would help you in all these examinations, in case if you want to appear in them.

Key Features:

  • Total number of Tests: 20 (16 Sectional and 4 Full Length).
  • One-to-One discussion of test paper solution.
  • Copy evaluation within 7 days of the test date.
  • Flexible as well as Fixed schedule for writing the tests.

5th Jan, 2020 offline 20 Tests 2020 Offline/Online
Rs.10000 (Inclusive of GST)

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