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Philosophy Optional Foundation Course

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Selection of right optional subject during UPSC preparation can ensure increase in chances of success of an aspirant in the coveted UPSC Civil Services Examination. The optional must be picked based on the following aspects:

A Genuine interest in the subject

B Recent scoring pattern and trends

C Time needed for comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.

D Contribution of the subject while covering the General Studies Paper

E Availability of coaching of the concerned subject

Considering the above-mentioned aspects, Philosophy fits the bill rightly for a UPSC aspirant. A dedicated and motivated student travel the UPSC journey with Philosophy quite comfortably as the topic is interesting and easy to understand. Thorough and timely coverage of syllabus under the expert guidance of an experienced Mentor in Dharmendra Sir should give the Philosophy student of Next IAS an edge over others.

About Faculty:

Dharmendra Sir, Founder and Director of Patanjali IAS, is a very popular figure among UPSC aspirants having Philosophy optional. With a teaching experience of more than 15 years in the UPSC field, he has been phenomenal and has made a name for himself by producing successful students consistently over the last many years

Key Features:

  • Quality Teaching with focus on conceptual clarity
  • Comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.
  • Thoroughly researched and well designed Study Material.
  • Focus on conceptual clarity with integrated answer writing approach.
  • Mains Test Series for CSE 2020 included
  • 3 months - 6 days a week - 2.5 hours a day.