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All India GS Main Test Series

Answer Writing plays a vital role in differentiating Rankers from an average aspirant. Better writing skills increases the chances of selection for a student in the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

NEXT IAS “ All India GS Main Test Series for CSE 2021” provides the best platform for students to write, innovate and improve their approach towards better writing skill through meticulously planned, well designed Test Series. Questions framed in the Test Series adhere to UPSC standards and also help students in covering the syllabus thoroughly. NEXT IAS also takes pride in evaluating the test copies of students. Not only the copies are checked within the stipulated time, every question is evaluated in depth wherein students get valuable feedback for every question.


Test Format
  • Detailed and comprehensive time bound evaluation.
  • Tests to be held on Sundays as per schedule
  • Simulation of UPSC examination environment.
  • Systematic subject sequence and well framed modules.
  • Questions in accordance with UPSC pattern with thorough coverage of the entire syllabus
Mentorship and Discussion
  • Personalized one to one feedback for continuous improvement.
  • Detailed model answers and test discussion by subject experts.
  • Support through telephonic calls and WhatsApp.
  • Video discussions will be provided on the student portal.
  • Flexibility of self-scheduling can be availed, but POSTPONE only.
  • Flexibility of opting online or offline mode.
All India GS Main Test Series for CSE 2020
Mode Start Date Duration FEE
Classroom 20th October, 2019 24 Tests Rs.20000 + GST
online Rs.20000 + GST