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Current Affairs ++ (Prelims)

An analysis of the Prelims question papers for the last few years shows that the significance of Current Affairs in UPSC Prelims has increased considerably. Aspirants are expected to be updated on all important happenings around the globe, especially news that has some relevance in relation to India.

Taking this into consideration, NEXT IAS conducts “Current Affairs ++” to ensure students are able to answer all questions which may be asked in the UPSC Preliminary Examination. The NEXT IAS Research and Development Team, under the guidance of faculty members, compiles all the relevant Current Affairs information and dishes it out in a lucid manner for the students. To complement the study material and make it easy to grasp, the lectures are designed in a manner where students are able to link and co-relate various topics which reduce the need for rote learning.

Since the launch of the course, many students have benefitted as more than three-fourth of topics asked in the UPSC Prelims 2019 had been comprehensively discussed during our Current Affairs ++ course.

Course features:
  • A 50 Hr (Recorded Class Till March) & 40 Hr (April To Aug) days programme divided into subjects.
  • Subject wise coverage of all important current events within the last year.
  • Coverage of the current inspired topics (static topics that can be linked to the current events).
  • Crisp and comprehensive material prepared exclusively from different newspapers and magazines including The Hindu, Indian Express, The Mint, PIB, Yojna, Kurukshetra, etc.
Additional features:
  • 3 All India open Tests (Anubhav) for Registration (Click here)
  • Anubhav Test Date :
    12th Sept 2020
    19th Sept, 2020
    26th Sept 2020
Current Affairs ++ (Prelims)
Mode Start Date Duration Fee
Live/online 11th September, 2020 50 Hr (Recorded Class Till March)
40 Hr (April To Aug)